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The Cosmetics Consultancy Service that addresses all your needs!

 The Cosmetics Consultancy Service that addresses all your needs! COSMETIC ASSIST is a consultancy study specialising in the field of cosmetics that, thanks to various partnerships and collaborations with a wide range of companies and professionals, will be able to provide support in all 5 areas of cosmetics; namely: REGULATORY AFFAIRS; TECHNICAL DIRECTOR; QUALITY SYSTEM; MARKETING & SALES AREA;BEAUTY & WELLNESS MANAGEMENT. An all-encompassing consultancy service that will help you find your way through an increasingly complex and articulated industry that requires interconnected multidisciplinary skills We will serve you a great “ASSIST” to make you reach your “GOAL” in the cosmetics field.

An all-encompassing cosmetics consultancy to assist you in the 5 COSMETIC AREAS


A Cosmetic Consultancy Service managed by a single Project Manager which, thanks to specific skills will be able to serve you a great “ASSIST” to make you reach your “GOAL” in the cosmetics field…READ MORE 


Targeted consultancy for Company Management. Despite the 1223/2009 Regulation no longer requires a Technical Director, such role is still a key “guide” for the company…READ MORE


Specific cosmetics consultancy in support of your Quality System.. The 1223/2009 Regulation sets the Good Manufacturing Practices for the Cosmetics Industry. It is therefore important to have…READ MORE


A targeted cosmetics consultancy for the marketing and commercial departments that provides several tools to help you reach your goal. Specifically, this type of consultancy will be able to implement know-how and training in the cosmetics field, providing valid tools for your business...READ MORE


(addressed to: Pharmacies, Herbalist’s Shops, Beauty Centres, Wellness Centres, SPAs, Thermal Centres, Hairdressers): a cosmetics consultancy capable of assisting and supporting the various players in the Beauty & Wellness Management field, whose main goal is to improve and optimise your business…READ MORE

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Saira De Ferrari

Founder & General Manager

Doctor Saira De Ferrari is the founder and General Manager of COSMETIC ASSIST; she has a Pharmacy Degree and specialises in Cosmetic Scienceand Technologies and Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment. She is a ISO 9001:2015 certified Auditor. She’s always had a passion for cosmetics and she had the chance to cover a variety of roles in the industry. Starting from raw materials she moved to formulation and manufacturing, finally graduating to Quality Assessment and Regulatory Affairs. After all these years of experience, she decided to create a wide-ranging Cosmetics Consultancy Service capable of addressing all your needs!