Addressed to: Pharmacies, Herbalist’s Shops, Beauty Centres, Wellness Centres, SPAs, Thermal Centres, Hairdressers. A cosmetics consultancy capable of assisting and supporting the various players in the Beauty & Wellness Management field, whose main goal is to improve and optimise your business. A structured and modulated service to meet various needs and to address the ‘weak spots’ of management. We will offer courses, operational plans, customised methods that will help you reach your goal.

We offer the following services:

  • Cosmetic Training (basic and advanced courses) specific for the professional sector (modules: HAIR CARE, SKIN CARE, MAKE-UP, FRAGRANCES)
  • Development of custom cosmetics lines
  • Creation of Professional & Customer treatment protocols
  • Design of beauty technical protocols with targeted massage procedures
  • Development of specific promotional campaigns
  • Spa and Wellness Management
  • SPA Manager and Wellness Centres Director (Business Plan, identification of high-revenue services and performances, integration of Web Marketing multi-channel tools, sales and commercial development strategies)
  • Scientific Marketing Manager
  • Cosmetics Consultancy (skin check-up protocols)
  • Consultancy for the organisation and optimisation of the Dermal-Cosmetic Department
  • Technical-scientific assistance for the customers (‘Ask the Expert’)
  • Development Pet Cosmetics
  • Cosmetics Consultancy
  • Development Beauty Area, Spa & Wellness Area, Hair-Beauty Area
  • Beauty Coaching
  • Hair-Care Training & Management
  • Make-up Training
  • Spa-Wellness Training